Monday, December 18, 2006

Starting a business with no money

Can one become rich from nothing? Is the idea of rags to riches real? I Plan on proving that it is.
We will start with zero money the use of Bloger is free. adsense is also free. Plan is to get whatever start-up funds from our Blog, in fact our Blog IS our Business. This for all intents and purposes is a business. We have to manage, advertise and market our business to make it successful. So as this Blog is a case study for this experiment lets begin.
First thing to do is get sign up for Blogger.
Then from there, sign up for AdSense.
Once we have set up our business entity so to speak and found a way to get income we have started on our road to successful and wealthy.

Here is the Iamezell Adsense account with no money and a whole lot of potential.